Fisher Nut Company

Produce high quality almonds at competitive prices, with diligent attention to food safety, customer and grower satifaction.

Kamps Propane

Kamps Propane has been serving homeowners, businesses, agricultural and commercial propane users since 1969. Our business is built on the belief that customers want prompt, professional, courteous service from a local, trustworthy company.

Organic West Milk Inc.

Organic West was born with the idea to treat all participants fairly: farmers, dairy processors and end customers. By bringing stability to a chaotic market, we plan to smooth out the peaks and valleys while continuously adding an abundant supply of fresh, wholesome organic milk to the ever-increasing demand.

Twin Commodities, Inc.

Twin Commodities, Inc founded in 1995 to market the almonds we grow on our own California orchards. This gives Twin Commodities a unique ability to deliver great almonds because we control quality through every aspect of production. Quality starts even before a tree is planted.