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Happy Daze RV’s is based in Northern California and serves the needs of RV enthusiasts all over the world. Sales, Parts and Service; contact us for all your RV needs. We are family owned and operated and have been helping families since 1974

Tuff Boy Sales, Inc.

Offering Creative, Flexible and Experienced Solutions for over 25 years. Tuff Boy trailers are utilized throughout the Western United States for hauling tomatoes, wine grapes, fresh produce, nuts, grains, tree fruit, hay, cotton and various other commodities. Tuff Boy Sales Inc., also known as Tuff Boy Leasing and Equipment Sales, provides heavy duty flat bed trailers as well as other agricultural trailers for specialized hauling from the field to processing facilities. Tuff Boy Sales, Inc. has been offering creative, flexible and experienced solutions for over 25 years. Find out today how Tuff Boy can help your business.