The Ambassador Committee shall be responsible for the overall welfare of the membership activities of the Ripon Chamber of Commerce. This mission will be accomplished in two specific areas pertaining to Chamber membership:

  • The recruitment of new members – Seek out potential members and market the Ripon Chamber of Commerce in an effort to have all businesses and organizations operating in Ripon become members.
  • The retention of current members – Continually look for new and innovative ways to demonstrate the value of maintaining a membership in the Ripon Chamber of Commerce.

The ambassador committee shall continually monitor and reinforce the benefits of Chamber membership. The committee shall endeavor to maintain a relationship with the membership by personal contact with each member annually to solicit input and feedback as to the value they receive.

Chairman: Janet McMahon


The mission of the Downtown Committee is to realize the vision of a vibrant and vital downtown through collaboration and cooperation with Chamber members, downtown businesses, and local government through the following means:

  • By creating awareness of the opportunities and benefits that downtown Ripon holds for the community as a whole.
  • By encouraging economic development within the context of Downtown preservation.
  • By creating community awareness of issues unique to Downtown.
  • By improving municipal, individual business, and property owners support of efforts to maintain the vitality of Downtown.

Chairman: Jennifer Komatsu


The mission of the Government Relations Committee is to add value to our business community and to the community at large through the following means:

  • By acting as an advocate for business on behalf of Chamber Members.
  • By maintaining ties and contacts with local government officials that foster open communication and cooperation thus offering opportunity for voice and involvement on issues affecting businesses.
  • By heightening awareness within the community on issues pertinent to the business community.
  • By bringing Ripon business issues to the attention of local and state levels of government and, by working closely with our City Council and Staff to develop strategies for working with local government that benefit our members.

Chairman: Mike Restuccia